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Posts on ‘May 14th, 2008’

Personal Loan Potential

buy microsofit office teacher discount p align=”center”> What’s a personal loan, exactly? Technically, it is “a loan that establishes consumer credit that is granted for personal use; usually unsecured and based on the borrower’s integrity and ability to pay.” But what does this mean for the average consumer? Can it be used for benefit, or […]

Money Making Potential: Adsense

It seems I’ve been on a tear with writing recently. Hopefully I’m not overloading you guys, I’ve just been having a total blast exploring things both finance related as well as sources of alternate income. I’ve recently met a goal of making 10$ per day in income this month outside my job through both blogging, […]

Brokerage Accounts: What do you use?

I’ve been giving some thought to a new brokerage account, and wanted to get some reader feedback. I’ve been using Sharebuilder for well over a year now and I’ve been very happy with their service. Better still since they were recently acquired by ING, transaction costs have been lowered. I like them most because I’m […]

Used Wisely, Credit Cards can Help

All through college, I dreaded the idea of getting a credit card. I had heard too many stories about some idiot college kid running up a balance that overwhelmed his/her meager income and took them years to pay back. Even some of my siblings had some credit cards from college/Christmas that was a thorn in […]