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Empire Building: Your Financial Conquests

argumentative research essay While I enjoy examining my finances and making adjustments as I go, I’ll be the first to admit that the world of personal finance is often…well not very exciting. I’m hesitant to say flat out boring, but I know plenty of people who start out with fancy spreadsheets and budgets only to […]

Lessons From the Debt Meltdown in Europe

It seems like everyday I load up Yahoo! Finance to see what’s going on with the market today, and there are a cascade of headlines revolving around the Eurozone. Countries like Greece and Ireleand have had a slew of debt issues in recent months, and even with economic assistance from other European countries, they may […]

Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt: My Own Musings

Often times when reading Personal Finance article,s you’ll hear the term “Good debt” and/or “Bad Debt.” As you might expect, it is generally easy to distinguish between the two. Credit cards? Bad. Student Loans? Good (Mostly). Mortgage? Good. The list goes on and on depending on how much the lender manages to fleece you out […]

When is it OK to "Spend your way out?"

In the midst of an ongoing economic recession, you’ll often hear that the government has the ability to try and spend its way out of a crisis. The idea is that the government spends more than it has on hand in order to keep the economy going temporarily, a shot in the arm of money, […]

Sites for Traveling on the Cheap

nasal polyps treatment Considering the ever widening net of travel blogs I find myself reading on a regular basis, it seems that travel as a whole has really gained in popularity in recent years. When you decide to really focus on what makes you happy, often times you come to the conclusion that experiences are […]