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Compartmentalizing Income Streams

Ever since I lost my very first 9-5 job post-college (quite a number of years ago now), I’ve always had an underlying fear of putting my eggs into one basket. I’ve felt that tethering yourself to one job means locking in your one and only source of making money. For as much as people grumble […]

Income Source Brainstorm

I type this post while recovering from an unfamiliar sensation: An earthquake. Having lived my whole life on the East Coast, I have never had the experience of the ground shaking for no particular reason. Unexpectedly cool days aside, today I’d like to talk to you about brainstorming for potential sources of income. Even if […]

Combining Income With Fun

When I first left my full time office job, I was slammed with a chaotic mix of joy and fear. On one hand, I had a lot of good things going for me. Since the office was shutting down and being outsourced, we all got a rather generous severance package which could keep me afloat […]

Site Portfolio Expansion: Buying Existing Sites

I have always prided myself on building new income streams on a shoestring. My thinking has always been that many new businesses such as, say, a restaurant, often fail because they lack adequate funding. Many times business owners must borrow money in order to start a business, and as soon as they do, the clock […]

Do You Need an Entrepreneur Mindset to Succeed?

I can’t help but shake my head when I read another business piece about successful business owners and the character traits they share. Many of these now-millionaires had companies before their big success. Some of them folded, some of them failed, and some of them were auctioned off to the highest bidder before the owner […]