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Harvesting the Power of Fiverr for Fun and Profit

When I first heard about the popular site Fiverr, I was admittedly skeptical. If you are one of the few who hasn’t heard of it yet, let me spell out the basic premise. Just about anyone can hop on the site for free and throw up something that they would do for $5 USD. As […]

It’s Diversification, Stupid!

Don has officially banned exclamation points from post titles. Usually I’d be a pain in the ass and throw one in anyway, but considering our main page was littered with them, I found it hard to argue. We’ve been persistently delving away at potential business ideas, and along the way came across a great post […]

Oh Noes! My Pagerank!

interview essay p align=”center”> I don”t pay much attention to such things, but apparently the last update knocked down my Google Pagerank a peg or two. What could this mean? Well, since I”ve allowed some contextual advertising on the site, that”s a possibility. On the other hand it could have been nothing at all, as […]

Are Saturated Markets Hopeless?

professional writing services p>Thus far with our Adsense site strategies we’ve targeted specific navigational queries that tend to rank well with a key phrase that gets traffic, but not so much traffic that people are already in the space and we have to compete with them. Its tough sifting through keyword suggestion tools and adwords […]

Feast or Famine: Freelance Work Fun!

Thus far, I’ve put off getting another “real” job in lieu of building up portable freelance work. If I can get to the income level I aspire to, its unlikely I’ll go back at all! If after another month or two I haven’t reached my goals, then no problem, its back to the 9-5 grind […]