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Posts from ‘April, 2008’

Taking Writing to the Next Level

I often talk about how I think freelance writing is a great source of alternate income for those who enjoy doing it. It lets you express your thoughts, feeling and opinions on a variety of things you care about. Whether it’s through a free service like Helium or your own blog, some people like to […]

The Beauty of Simple Budgeting

Everyone seems to have their own proper way of budgeting. Some advocate tracking every penny that goes in and out of your bank account so that nothing falls through the cracks and all of your money can be utilized to maximum affect. Others believe that a flexible spending plan with loose guidelines makes it easy […]

Looking at PayPerPost

Monetizing sites has been a recent hobby of mine, and this is especially true given my recent successful forays into various methods of earning online income. In that vein I”ve removed most of the adsense from the site and also many of the “blah” text links that weren”t properly targeted. I do like to have […]

Goodbye TNX

As my cleaning and purging of the blog continues onward, I recently cut out TNX (.net) out of my monetization efforts. I had heard good things about their service, but the links I ended up getting weren’t very well targeted at all. As a result I ended up dropping them entirely. My right column is […]

Adsense Income Update

  No, the above check is not mine, though I sure do wish it was! That’s a picture of Markus Frind’s check, who runs the dating site Plenty of Fish. I don’t ever hope to make THAT much in one month, but I have been working to build up adsense into a viable stream of […]