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Free Stuff Friday: Bing Rewards

I have always been a big fan of rewards programs. It almost feels like you’re getting something for nothing, despite the fact that you clearly have to buy something or provide some sort of information in exchange for your reward. While point programs can be a recipe for excess spending,¬† it is important to get […]

Microbusiness Update: Onward and Upward

While I generally try to avoid the use of overhyped buzzwords, I always thought the term microbusiness had a nice ring to it. I have also always scoffed a little in my head when I read about small businesses with “only” 200 employees on Forbes or CNN Money. Aren’t there a lot of one or […]

Financing Your Life: Trials and Tribulations

fat loss program for men p>Even after achieving what some might call “the dream,” which for me was working for myself wherever I like and when I want, I still seem to find plenty of room for improvement. I want to expand, grow, move, accomplish. This feeling of being driven and ambitious is something¬† I […]

RISE Poker: An Unusual Side Income Source

I almost didn”t want to write this particular post since people tend to get a bit touchy when it comes to vices, and a game like Poker is no different. Yet the reason I bring up Poker as an income source isn”t to encourage you to dump your life savings into a game that statistically […]

Fighting Complacency: When Goals Aren't Enough

When I officially left the 9-5 workforce, I was pretty excited. Scared, mind you, but I felt like i had my bases well covered. Being recently married, one of my biggest concerns, health insurance, was now provided by my wife’s employer (regardless of what side you’re on in the insurance debate, let me just say […]