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Money Making Potential: Adsense

It seems I’ve been on a tear with writing recently. Hopefully I’m not overloading you guys, I’ve just been having a total blast exploring things both finance related as well as sources of alternate income. I’ve recently met a goal of making 10$ per day in income this month outside my job through both blogging, adsense, and investments. This nets me about $300 per month, or the equivalent of a $3,600 per year raise. Here’s how it’s broken down so far:

  • Income from Blogs (TFC, Got2wow, Dividend Days): Average of $7.00 per day.
  • Income from Niche sites via Adsense: Average of $2.00 per day.
  • Investment Income: Average of $1.10 per day.

And there you have it! I’m very excited to have hit this milestone already, and I hope to continue to expand that in the weeks to come. If you’re interested in setting up niche sites of your own, Kirsty at Nerdy Nomad had a great post recently giving some analysis on what sites should focus on and how to pick a proper niche.

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