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I’m Back! Now With Less Spam

Hello all! It has been a long time, right? Like…years even. It has been a great couple of years, but I stopped writing on my little blog here for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, working in Finance, my employer at the time wasn’t comfortable with me writing much about investing or financial things, so I was forced to leave it here exactly like it was. While my new employer does require disclosure of outside business activity as I still work in the industry, my blog earns exactly $0.00 and doesn’t touch on any proprietary information, so here I am!

I came back to a horrific discovery, though. In all my years of being gone, my blog had been running a very outdated version of WordPress, which had some sort of security flaw. This let someone get into my posts and place spam links in just about every one. Not fun spam either, no, just a lot of references to online casinos and prescription drugs.

It took me a few hours to clean up, but I’ve done an official update to WordPress and I think I got everything out of here. If you notice anything that still looks funny, let me know. If there are any readers left out there in the world, I hope that you found my content of years past still relevant.

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