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Buying Used: A Smart Car

download snow leapord online p style=”text-align: center”> I thought it would be a fun experiment to check out what”s on the market for one of the trendiest cars here in the U.S, the Smart Car. If I were to get a second car strictly for commuting purposes, I”m pretty sure I”d go with one. It […]

Credit Cards And Saving Money on Gas

Let”s face it: Gas is expensive, and it”s only going to get worse from here. I know prices will correct at some point and go slightly lower..but for the long term, high fuel costs are here to stay. With this in mind we have to be constantly aware of ways to cut down on the […]

My War on Food Prices Begins Today

I’ve grown tired of the growing cost of food. Every week I try to keep to my set budget, getting the same things I always get, and each week I go a little farther over than before. Well after reading this article, I’ve decided to jump into the trenches of coupon clipping and see what […]

Winding Down Friday: How Much Credit is Too Much?

  I read a LOT of personal finance books and other investment related articles, news, media, etc. and I’m always somewhat concerned by the line of thinking that debt is ok to have. Books like Rich Dad Poor Dad explain that it’s ok to use leverage to your advantage as long as you’re not in […]

Going to the Movies is More Fun When it’s Free

adobe cs6 direct download p align=”center”> I’ll be the first to admit that I just don’t go to the movies very often. This is a combination of being picky about what movies I want to see on the big screen in general, but also the fact that it would be like $15.00 just to get […]