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About Me

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never been a big fan of About Me pages. I’m just not entirely sure what readers would like to know about me. That being said, every blog I’ve ever read I’ve checked out the About Me section to get a feel for who the author is and where he is coming from. So without further delay…

Who are you anyway?

You can call me Frank, but I go by the pen name Xias much of the time as well. I’m your average Northeastern U.S college graduate, still in my low-approaching mid twenties. After graduating and getting a “real” job, I’ve gone the saver route and invest/save/pay off debt with every penny I can scrounge up. I love just about everything related to finance, and finding new and unusual ways to make extra money on the side is something I’m always interested in! (Within reason, people.)

Are you qualified to talk about Finance and Investing?

Is anyone? I suppose you could say I am somewhat. Remember I can’t tell you how you should invest, though, so be sure to not take my own ramblings as investment advice. Contact a financial adviser for that!

What’s the blog here for?

Hmm, here’s a tough one. First I’m here to track my progress as I eliminate what debt I have left. I know many PF bloggers went through a phase where they loaded up on debt and had to spend their time paying it all back. I never went through that phase, and I don’t plan to! Currently I am looking to eliminate all of my debts, good or bad, within 2 years (No I don’t have a mortgage, but I bet that’d be nice if I did and had it out of the way, eh?).

Need to know more about me? Have questions? E-mail me at xias at