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Deriving Opportunity From Tough Times

 At first it may appear that I picked a bad time time to be laid off. Joblessness continues to increase, and it appears the U.S has cut about 62,000 jobs in June. This doesn”t show any signs of slowing either, and the trend continues as per below: “The Conference Board”s Employment Trends Index fell in […]

Taking the Plunge

 Funny how well-laid plans are put to waste sometimes. I had originally intended to utilize my alternate income to pay off my debt even faster and then downshift to an interesting part time job, with the rest of my income made up from freelance writing, our niche site portfolio, and whatever else I felt like […]

My Job Requires Transparency in Income

I ran across an interesting obstacle today with my team leader at work. He noticed that in one of my e-mails I had mentioned freelance writing for some income on the side. As a licensed general securities representative, apparently I have to report ALL of the income I earn outside of my regular job to […]

Winding Down Friday: Work on Your Terms

I’ve been really interested in exploring flexible work arrangements recently. One thing I’ve always hated about a traditional job is the concept that face time is just as important as productivity. It’s an outdated, archaic way of thinking (in my opinion, I’ve had plenty of disagreements) and I often find that people push against changes […]

Lobbying for Change in the Here and Now

I talk a lot about my goals and what I need/want to accomplish financially before I hit my own pre-determined notion of financial freedom. There are certain things I could do to speed the process up. For example I could go the traditional “get another job” route and simply work two jobs, pay off my […]