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The Difference Between Motivational Blogs and Snake Oil

I’ll be the first to admit, I like reading inspirational blogs. Despite not having very much debt (looking at you student loan) and having an ok handle on my finances (new tax situation aside) I still love reading Get Rich Slowly. J.D. is, without question, very thorough, detailed and has an enjoyable writing style to […]

Balancing the Present and Future: Handling Money For Now and Later

Text Your Ex Back Ebook Free p>I take much of my everyday inspiration from other popular blogs that I read everyday. Some are about finance, others about retirement, and still others are simply about life and living the life you want. One such blogger, JD from Get Rich Slowly, talked about how money fits into […]

Adventures in Lifestyle Design

So I’ve gotten back from vacation in Emerald Isle, NC, which was a total blast! The down time also allowed me to clear my head and get a more definitive idea of what my next course of action would be. I had been in the running for another full-time position, but didn’t look forward to […]

Careers and Happiness: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

I tire of the oft-heard advice that you need to find a career you love in order to really enjoy living. Almost Fearless recently wrote about her upcoming move to Spain. She sold most of her stuff, quit her 9-5 job, and is just about ready to make the transition to a new country, job, […]

Continued Experimentation: Mini-Jobs

Buy Office Professional Plus 2013 p style=”text-align: center”> So I’ve been giving some thought to the idea that my brother suggested a few days ago, and I think it may in fact be workable. If I was to work on my own, my income threshold would have to be around $32,000 before taxes (I could […]