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Additional Income: Having Fun With Seasonal Work

As a full time entrepreneur of sorts, I’m constantly brainstorming for new ideas. I try to come up with ways to make money on the side, think outside the box. To me, making money really adds up to a game of sorts. The easiest method for most people is simply to find a job that […]

$53 Trillion in US Debt..Ouch

essay writing for dummies p align=”center”>  There are some things I understand about the $700 billion dollar bailout plan. The financial markets were, in fact, in a state of total chaos. The government needed to do something that would assuage the general fear in the marketplace and provide some government support to a rapidly deteriorating […]

Surprise! Credit Cards Increase Spending

I just came across an interesting post over at Get Rich Slowly. I’ve always been sure that credit cards have led us to increase our spending, as they give us access to a capital base we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. While it may seem fairly obvious, the post is worth a read and goes […]

Are Saturated Markets Hopeless?

professional writing services p>Thus far with our Adsense site strategies we’ve targeted specific navigational queries that tend to rank well with a key phrase that gets traffic, but not so much traffic that people are already in the space and we have to compete with them. Its tough sifting through keyword suggestion tools and adwords […]

Building a Better Mouse Trap

how to write narrative essay p align=”center”> My oldest brother and I often have brainstorming sessions about our next big idea. From producing bio diesel for tug boats to renting out chairs for weddings, we come up with all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately, he’s still latched to his 9-5 job, and thus his capacity to […]