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Traveling Style: What Defines a Nomad?

I came across a very interesting discussion over at the Working Nomad forums yesterday, talking about how some had tired of the on-the-go lifestyle and wanted to settle down in a number of places for (gasp!) 3-6 months at a time. I was intrigued mostly because that had been my plan all along. I had no intention of bouncing from hostel to hostel, but would much rather rent an apartment and setup a base of operations (with Wifi) and make trips outward from there.

In this way you’re provided with a number of advantages. Safety, for one, seeing as you’ll be able to keep your apartment under lock and key and won’t necessarily have to attach your laptop and other electronics at the hip (or carry around gear like the Surefire 6P). You’ll also get to avoid the erm…activities that the other individuals in your hostel will undoubtedly take part in.

I suppose its not exactly nomadic, moving from place to place in 3-12 month stints, but I think it provides a much better opportunity to maintain such a lifestyle without getting totally burned out. Traveling with a companion (note: my girlfriend) also makes this much more feasible!

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