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Posts on ‘August 21st, 2008’

Are Saturated Markets Hopeless?

professional writing services p>Thus far with our Adsense site strategies we’ve targeted specific navigational queries that tend to rank well with a key phrase that gets traffic, but not so much traffic that people are already in the space and we have to compete with them. Its tough sifting through keyword suggestion tools and adwords […]

Building a Better Mouse Trap

how to write narrative essay p align=”center”> My oldest brother and I often have brainstorming sessions about our next big idea. From producing bio diesel for tug boats to renting out chairs for weddings, we come up with all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately, he’s still latched to his 9-5 job, and thus his capacity to […]

My Traveling Lifestyle Experimentation

Greetings from the great state of Indiana. Or, as I like to call it, corntopia. Perhaps land of endless corn or the great corn state would be a more appropriate motto for the place. Seriously, its flat. After a reluctant journey with my older brother across half the country to get his things from his […]