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Are Saturated Markets Hopeless?

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p>Thus far with our Adsense site strategies we’ve targeted specific navigational queries that tend to rank well with a key phrase that gets traffic, but not so much traffic that people are already in the space and we have to compete with them. Its tough sifting through keyword suggestion tools and adwords lists searching for those diamonds in the rough, but we’ve managed it with a good amount of success.

But what about area where competition is heavy? Sites like SJA Mobile operate in a niche supposedly so full of advertisers that its very hard to get anywhere. Trying to get your message to pierce through thousands of others to attract visitors is, to some marketers, an insurmountable task. What’s important to realize is that sites are usurped all the time in the engines, and competitors who were seemingly toothless have managed to one up their larger, more well equipped opponents (think of Google when it originally took on Yahoo!).

Given enough persistence, effort, and the ability to present your idea differently and more efficiently than your competitors, and you can break into saturated niches and even profit heartily from it.

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