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Posts from ‘September, 2008’

Oh Noes! My Pagerank!

interview essay p align=”center”> I don”t pay much attention to such things, but apparently the last update knocked down my Google Pagerank a peg or two. What could this mean? Well, since I”ve allowed some contextual advertising on the site, that”s a possibility. On the other hand it could have been nothing at all, as […]

Plan B?

With the stock market taking it’s largest 1 day hit ever, many in Washington are fearing an all out economic collapse. Personally I feel the drop is somewhat deserved. After all, weren’t most consumers involved in the housing bubble or credit crisis somehow? Aren’t most of us charging increasing amounts of money we don’t have […]

Financial Doom

The proposed $700 billion dollar bailout failed to pass in congress today, and the markets did not take well to Visserligen ar ts utbud mycket stort med over 330 olika spel men det ar inte internets mest spannande . it. As I write this, we”re looking at a about a 500 point drop. […]

Knowing Your Limit, Credit Wise

my family essay p align=”center”> So, we’ve previously covered a recent study that shows that credit cards tend to increase our tendency to spend money, which I didn’t find entirely surprising. At present, credit card debt has been, and continues to be, on the rise. As a nation, we have about $850 billion in credit […]

Are Banks Selling Too Hard?

With the recent financial turmoil, one has to wonder just how far our financial institutions have gone for a profit. Many have wondered where the risk management was. Didn’t anyone realize the danger? Didn’t anyone speak up and say hey, we’re overleveraged here, what if things go south? So far, if they did, they didn’t […]