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The Latest Credit Comparison

Comparing credit card offers has become somewhat of a hobby of mine. Originally I despised credit cards as evil things, destined to rob you of hard-earned money by nitpicking you to death with fees and unbearably high interest rates. As I’ve started taking advantage of a no-fee rewards card that I pay off each month, however, I see there is some profit to be made here. Not much, of course, but it’s essentially free money.

Our latest comparison site is appropriately named Best Credit Offers. You’ll find break downs for cards based on a number of criteria like balance transfers, cards for everyday purchases, bad credit cards to help build your credit with, or the best offers for a student credit card.

As always, please do your homework and know yourself enough to decide whether a credit card is a good option for you. The upside of credit cards is utilizing their incentives in a responsible way so that you come out with some free money/points/rewards at the end of the day. Used irresponsibly and they can wreak havoc on your financial situation, so tread carefully!

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