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Posts on ‘June 19th, 2008’

My Job Requires Transparency in Income

I ran across an interesting obstacle today with my team leader at work. He noticed that in one of my e-mails I had mentioned freelance writing for some income on the side. As a licensed general securities representative, apparently I have to report ALL of the income I earn outside of my regular job to […]

Payday Loan Use on the Rise

With the skyrocketing cost of basic commodities like fuel and food, the squeeze on the average consumer has given way to a rise in payday loans as a source of emergency funding, according to a recent survey by a price comparison site, Moneysupermarket. This isn’t entirely surprising, given that there are a number of people […]

Gallup Examines Credit Card Debt in America

Wow that was a long title.. but anyway it”s true, a recent survey done by Gallup examines the trends of the Average American consumer when it comes to credit card debt. What did they find? Here we go: Gallup Poll Results: 43% of Americans pay in full 17% usually pay full amount 25% usually leave […]

Youtube Finance: Marketing Tactics

Today’s video actually talks a bit about marketing and the impact it has on any business. Often-times when people talk to me about business ideas, their toughest obstacle is getting the word out, letting their consumers know they’re there, and what the best methods are to go about that. While Red Clay’s video focuses on […]