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Favorite Links: Weekend Edition

As I wrap up my Sunday evening and get ready for bed, I sometimes like to go over and review my favorite blog posts before going to sleep. I think it helps provide me with inspiration and motivation for the following day and, hopefully, drives me to continue on my journey towards financial freedom despite the constant speed bumps and obstacles along the way. So with that in mind, here are my favorite posts that I read over the weekend!

  • JD at Get Rich Slowly Continued his interviews with Tim Ferriss with a great post about personal entrepreneurship. I definitely agree with at least some of what Tim has to say, though the methods he lists in his book are typically not ones that I would employ myself.
  • Jacob at ERE took a very different approach to retiring happy and wealthy in the 21st century.
  • Kirsty at Nerdy Nomad wonders just how far she wants to take her online ventures. Status and notoriety are important to some, but what about those of us out there who want to keep a lower profile? Great post even though I’m not at a point where my online income covers my expenses, I often wonder if I’d push it to the next level after meeting that goal.
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