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Posts from ‘May, 2008’

Winding Down Friday: Extreme Early Retirement

So it’s Friday and that means some time to reflect on my days off, what I hope to accomplish, and of course planning for the time that everyday is a weekend! The Kaderlis are fairly well known for their ability to retire at the age of 38, which is considered just shy of impossible by […]

Credit Card Comparison

In the Personal Finance blogosphere, credit cards sure do get a bad rap, and likely for good reason. Some people simply don’t like having credit cards around because they can be a constant danger, a temptation to spend what you don’t have. For others they are a boon, allowing you to squeeze some extra income […]

Leaving the Day Job: Are you Ready?

Having read a number of bloggers who have successfully escaped their day job to pursue whatever it is they want to do is something I admire and aspire to. JD at Getrichslowly, for example, has swung over to blogging full time as his only source of income. It takes a lot of courage and grit […]

Credit Score: How Important?

I can’t help but be amazed at the time, effort, and stress people put into their credit score. On one hand I do see it’s a valuable tool, and like it or not will have some impact on your financial situation. Some employers will check your credit, landlords may want to check your credit, and […]

Adsense Update! April and May

Time to check up on the ‘ol niche portfolio for the months of May and April. We saw some great growth that I really do hope continues on into June. Much like Wall Street, growing earnings is vitally important to our continued development, as the earnings are reinvested (most of it) into additional sites and […]