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Job 2 Goal: Site Portfolio

So, if you’ve been reading my thoughts on earning a living utilizing 5 different jobs, and thought I was crazy, feel free to read on as I pursue the possibility! As it stands of the 5, I have one locked in as a reliable source of income, and that’s my freelance writing. Having landed a few gigs writing for various blogs/publications, I have a little over what is required on a per day basis to support 1/5 of my needed income. So with that in place, it’s time to hit up number 2, from which I hope to derive enough income for yet another 1/5th.

This will (hopefully) be derived from advertising revenue on a number of tiny niche sites that I currently run with my brother. From hybrid cars to cob house natural building, we have a pretty diverse portfolio. Some of them have some decent PR (Google Pagerank), some are in the process of getting built up, and some are being laggards! Thankfully we have a cheap hosting arrangement, and so the cost of establishing a new site only goes beyond what the domain costs to register, which is about $0.83 per month.

Our current daily average is about $3.00 per day from Adsense. Direct advertising is starting to build up, but still only earns a couple dollars (About $8.00) per month. So we’re not there yet! However the good news is that it doesn’t matter what day it is for Adsense revenue, weekend or weekday, since the day to day income is passive once the site is established except for intermittent updates.

So with that in mind, in order for our niche site portfolio to bring in enough money to support job 2, we will need $17.58 per day, 7 days a week. This doesn’t seem too outlandish…what do you guys think?

Alternate income clocked in at $5.90 yesterday, slow Monday!

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