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Thoughts on Furnishing a Home

While my elimination of debt (car loan will be gone by August, so excited!) is still my top priority, I often have a house buying conversation with my significant other. We trade ideas on how large of a house we want, exteriors that are appealing and where we’d like it. Ideally I think we’d like to purchase a home (in full) near the town I went to school at. It’s a nice area with a relatively low cost of living, and both Philadelphia and New York would be within driving distance if we wanted to make a day trip to see something. That got me thinking about not only buying a house, but the cost of filling it up with stuff.

By stuff of course I mean furniture, chairs, and the like. A large part of the reason we want a small house is so that we aren’t motivated to fill it up with expensive things. How we go about furnishing the place is also important. We could go with a more traditional method, such as American Home Craft, who offers a number of home improvements like cabinets and doors (I’ve always wanted a cool looking front door, for some reason, even if my house was very small…hmm). We could also do what we’ve done so far, which is put together a serviceable amount of furniture, tables, chairs, etc. from friends and family or off of Craigslist.

Time will tell I suppose.

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