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Adsense Update! April and May

Time to check up on the ‘ol niche portfolio for the months of May and April. We saw some great growth that I really do hope continues on into June. Much like Wall Street, growing earnings is vitally important to our continued development, as the earnings are reinvested (most of it) into additional sites and developing time. Here’s how we’re looking:


  • April Adsense Earnings: $51.55
  • May Adsense Earnings (As of this morning): $100.37

That equates to a 48 (ish) % increase over! I’m sure I can’t expect such growth in the future, but I’d be pleased with a fraction of that, as long as it’s continually increasing. This calls for a celebratory beer at the baseball game tonight!

Daily Alternate Income: Yesterday I earned $8.46, driven mostly by freelance writing payments and adsense.

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