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Posts from ‘March, 2008’

US Economy Scrapes on By

I know I’ve been stuck on the economy of late, even more so by the latest announcement concerning our GDP: “The Commerce Department reported Thursday that gross domestic product increased at a feeble 0.6 percent annual rate in the October-to-December quarter. The reading — unchanged from a previous estimate a month ago — provided stark […]

Back in Black!

It appears that my discretionary portfolio has managed to stage a precarious turnaround for the year. This past week it managed to pull out a year to date return of 1.14%. This doesn’t really sound all that great, until you put it up against the market’s return. The S&P500 is currently down 9.46% Year to […]

Winding Down….Thursday

So our winding down day is usually Friday, but if you work in Financial Services, it’s likely you have off tomorrow (and if you don’t you should still have off for no other reason than everyone could use an extra holiday). So to pick things up after my doom and gloom the other day (which […]

Cause and Effect: The US Economy

Talking about the economy is something that only appears to be in style when it’s on the way into the tank. Seriously, if you’re an investor or follow the markets (or your own currency) then it’s likely you know what I’m talking about. The stock market has been down big since the beginning of the […]

Investment Risks: I Just Picked up BAC

In my discretionary brokerage account, I recently picked up a new holding that is definitely my riskiest play to date. If you’ve ever followed my thinkings on investing and income, I tend to be a “for the long haul” kinda guy. I don’t like making trades, I like making investments, and much of the time […]