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Looking at PayPerPost

Monetizing sites has been a recent hobby of mine, and this is especially true given my recent successful forays into various methods of earning online income. In that vein I”ve removed most of the adsense from the site and also many of the “blah” text links that weren”t properly targeted. I do like to have the occasional sponsored post though to continue to cover hosting costs and perhaps some extra spending money as well. I”ve heard a number of for and against complaints, but I also received a lot of encouragement. So in an effort to continue to help the blog make money, I signed up for payperpost.

I”d like to stress that I do limit the number of sponsored posts in any given month, and I properly label and categorize them to avoid any confusion. They will also always be followed up with a more substantial content post in the same day. My readership has continued to grow, too (especially through my RSS feed, never use them myself, but I love you guys!), so hopefully that”s a sign that you”re not too annoyed with my efforts.

I have high hopes for the quality of the posts and offers that I”ll be sponsoring, especially given the endorsement of some of my favorite bloggers like DoshDosh. Thank you for your continued support!

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