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Adsense Income Update


No, the above check is not mine, though I sure do wish it was! That’s a picture of Markus Frind’s check, who runs the dating site Plenty of Fish. I don’t ever hope to make THAT much in one month, but I have been working to build up adsense into a viable stream of income. As you can see Adsense is all but gone from here, but that’s only because it really isn’t a viable advertising method for the average blog reader.

Where it is viable, however, are niche sites. Championed by blogs like Livingoffdividends and Nerdy Nomad, these sites focus on a very particular topic,  pull in search traffic through optimized sites that also have lots of good content, and hope for the best!

In that vein, I’ve been creating niche sites of my own. We’ve (My older brother and I) ironed out a design and marketing process, and a 20 minute SEO (Search Engine Optimization) check, and gone to town.

The result? We’ve built up one site that is really starting to make headway, while some other newer sites are past break even but not really raking in the dough.  The best part about it is that we have the process down pat and it’s super cheap to replicate. A new niche site costs us $0.83 a month, so to be profitable, a site only has to break past this very modest barrier.

So, how exactly have we been doing? In the past 7 days, Adsense has clocked in $14.53 in earnings. I know, I’m not exactly gonna retire on 15$ a week, but it’s a 10% increase from the previous month, and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas and niches. It’s also almost entirely passive, requiring at most 1 or 2 updates a month.

Keep it coming!

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