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Working for Yourself and Perception

I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in my approach to work and productivity since I started working for myself. I’m not sure if this is common amongst entrepreneurs or if I just happen to be in a lackluster job previously, but my view of work has changed quite a bit since leaving my job. Lets take […]

Money Making and Affiliate Programs

One oft-mentioned method of generating money is taking advantage of affiliate programs of various sites. Problogger and other sites championed this method of earning revenue, but it can be hard to decide what product you’d like to promote. I’ve found it most useful to find something that is popular but not entirely saturated. Let’s say, […]

Youtube Finance: Marketing Tactics

Today’s video actually talks a bit about marketing and the impact it has on any business. Often-times when people talk to me about business ideas, their toughest obstacle is getting the word out, letting their consumers know they’re there, and what the best methods are to go about that. While Red Clay’s video focuses on […]

Decision Making Time: New Money

I’m at a bit of a crossroads here. With Adsense revenue rising and freelance jobs starting to pile up a bit, I’ve started funneling all of my alternate income to a separate account. So far in the past 2 weeks, I have about $200 saved up in there, but I’m torn on how to proceed […]

Trading Online

When it comes to handling your investments online, most people have their own ideas of what works for them. Some investors prefer to keep things as simple as possible, setting up automatic withdrawals and having them invested into a diversified allocation of index funds or other investment vehicles. Others, however, prefer to take their investments […]