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Oh Noes! My Pagerank!

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I don”t pay much attention to such things, but apparently the last update knocked down my Google Pagerank a peg or two. What could this mean? Well, since I”ve allowed some contextual advertising on the site, that”s a possibility. On the other hand it could have been nothing at all, as Google tends to work in mysterious ways (my niche site portfolio can vouch for that fact.

So what will I do? Probably not much, though I”ll cut down on sponsored content in the weeks to come. You guys would like a little more quality to the posts anyway, right? As always feel free to leave me some feedback on what you”d casino online like to see. There are thousands of finance blogs, and I know I”m a bit more unorthodox than most. I don”t spend a whole lot of time talking about how to spend less on lattes or traditional personal finance. Instead I move more toward financial self-sufficiency. Being able to do what you want, when you want it, without going bankrupt too.

Perhaps this just means I need to tailor my message a bit better, so expect to see some more in-depth and focused content in the days to come.

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