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We Broke Our Own Debt Clock!

If this wasn’t so depressing I’d probably find it even more funny, but I got a good laugh out of it anyway. We actually broke the above clock used to track our national debt (and your own family’s share of it!) Apparently it couldn’t handle the double digit trillions in debt that we’ve gotten our […]

Sometimes You’ll Miss Goals

I was recently reading Canadian Dream and noticed a post where he recently spoke about his net worth update and the number did not look so good. He then surmised that it was just shy of impossible to meet his 2008 net worth goals, and needless to say he was disappointed. His ultimate reaction though […]

On the Road Again!

buying cigars online p align=”center”> Well its about that time again! After being laid off and subsequently picking up more portable work, I’m available to travel a bit more than I had originally planned. Upcoming is my trip to Eaglesmere, PA, for a week in the mountains with family and friends. After that, I’m going […]

Promising Technology: Water Power

iphone text message monitoring p align=”center”> I’ve always been interested in alternative energy technology. From hydrogen powered cars to tidal power generators, I think there’s a lot of untapped, renewable sources out there that we as individuals as well as nations/societies can take advantage of but thus far haven’t due to the abundance of fossil […]

Travel and Cost of Living "Over there"

I always like to read about mobile workers and what their costs are for living overseas. People always seem to associate traveling with expense, a luxury that not everyone has, but the reality is that in many places your cost of living is significantly less than it is to live here in the U.S. Here […]