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On the Road Again!

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Well its about that time again! After being laid off and subsequently picking up more portable work, I’m available to travel a bit more than I had originally planned. Upcoming is my trip to Eaglesmere, PA, for a week in the mountains with family and friends. After that, I’m going to be going cross country. My older brother recently accepted a grad assistant position at a University in Nebrasksa, and I get to help him drive all the way there!

Some might find this boring, but I think its going to be a total blast. The Midwest may be a rather repetitive landscape, but I’m going to map out our route and find some points of interest along the way.

I’ve also considered some other events I may want to go see in the near future, too. Say, the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas this December. I think going to see some good old fashioned steer wrestling and bareback riding (2 of many events that will be available) would be plenty interesting (and fun!) and something typically way out of my element.  Besides who wants to pass up a chance to go to Vegas, anyway?! I wonder how hard National Finals Rodeo tickets are to get a hold of…

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