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Travel and Cost of Living "Over there"

I always like to read about mobile workers and what their costs are for living overseas. People always seem to associate traveling with expense, a luxury that not everyone has, but the reality is that in many places your cost of living is significantly less than it is to live here in the U.S. Here are some examples:

  • Nerdy Nomad”s living on about $32 per day in China.
  • ┬áLea at broke down her expenses for a whole year.
  • Nomad4ever has a breakdown of the cost of living in the Phillipines.

Much of what your costs will be depends on how often and the mode of transportation you use to get around. Vacations are often so expensive because you fly out to somewhere, stay for a few days, and immediately fly back, racking up pretty good chunks of change just to get to your destination. If you plan extended stays over 3-6 months, you can rent an apartment (cheaper than a hotel), and live like the locals, often at a fraction of what you would spend for similar entertainment in the U.S.

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