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Slow Down, You’ll Get There

Ever since graduating from college, I’ve always seemed fixated on the future. Everything¬†has been¬†about where I’m going next, what goals I’m going to accomplish, what meaning I’ll find just around the corner. I’ve always wanted to live in the present, but my future always needs TLC. I adjust my budget, make predictions, run various scenarios. […]

Balancing Saving And Fun

There”s a reason frugality is often seen as a way of sacrificing your ability to do what you want, when you want, and saving money for emergency funds, investments, and increased earnings later on down the line. That”s because it is. Even if you pride yourself on doing low cost activities with that provide high […]

Are You Ever Ready?

The New Year has come and gone and we’re already a month in to 2009. Looking back I wonder where the month went. Unlike my co-workers, who love the idea of going some place warm and toasty, I dream of snowscapes. Winter then, being my favorite season, has the unfortunate effect of flying by. I’ve […]

Learning From The Success of Others

natural cures for herpes p>When it comes to succeeding in anything, an often repeated line that we should learn from the success of others and take the positive aspects that they offer as our own. This isn’t to say that you should mimic someone who is successful, but rather dig down into their success and […]

Cutting out TV Entirely

I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile, but with my upcoming move to our new apartment, I think one of the cost saving ideas I’ve had that makes the most sense is getting rid of TV entirely. To be honest, I don’t really watch all that much to begin with, and I have a […]