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Going Back to Investing

When I first entered the 9-5 workforce right out of college, my sole goal in life was to put my nose to the grindstone, save up as much money as humanly possible, and hit retirement at breakneck speed. As my time in the office began to drag on, however, I quickly began to realize that maybe I didn”t want to work in a cubicle for 30 years.  My journey to being self employed and working for myself has not come without cost, however. Presently, I”m able to save less, and even as I struggle to get back to my previous salary points, I hope to get back to investing regularly again.

The issue with investing outside of your normal retirement accounts is that it often takes time and patience when money always seems to be needed elsewhere. Why would you want to invest in a company that will throw you a few bucks in dividends each quarter when you need to fix the roof, call the electrician, pay your taxes, etc etc. If you really want to build up an additional source of income via investments, you better be ready to lock in for the long haul.

Still, I think that building up a nest egg of dividend income is an admirable goal, and as my income rises I”m hoping to allocate at least some resources back to it. As I do so, I”ll be sure to share my quarterly (That”s the plan) investments, and why I chose them.  Stay tuned.

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