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Sites for Traveling on the Cheap

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Considering the ever widening net of travel blogs I find myself reading on a regular basis, it seems that travel as a whole has really gained in popularity in recent years. When you decide to really focus on what makes you happy, often times you come to the conclusion that experiences are more important to you than stuff. How are you going to gain said experiences, though? Travel is a common answer, but it also comes with a price.

Still, there are ways you can get around and see the world without breaking your bank, and just about anyone can work smaller trips into their budgets. Starting small is key, as traveling can be an overwhelming experience, particularly so if you want to go to more exotic locales abroad where you’ll need a proper visa, exploration skills, and an ability to communicate even if you aren’t familiar with the local language and the person you’re conversing with isn’t familiar with English (or your own native tongue). Here are some sites to help you dip your toe in the water to travel on the cheap:

Groupon Getaways: I find myself searching for these everyday, even if I’m not planning a trip out somewhere. The discounts are steep, usually in the realm of 40-60%, and there’s a handful of places to choose from. Always be sure to read up on the place you’ll be staying, of course, as a dumpy hotel in a poor location won’t be worth the discount, I assure you.

Living Social Adventures: San Jose showed up by default, but you can choose any city you like for some local fun. I like the idea behind the “Adventures” section because they are often day trips and done by groups, so if you’re looking to try out a new activity with a bunch of like minded individuals, here’s your shot. From paintball to winetasting to tubing in the Winter, there’s no shortage of ideas to keep you busy.

Jetsetter: If you have a mind for luxury, Jetsetter can be a great bet for fancier hotels and locations. The discounts aren’t as steep (20-30%), but at the price point for many of these hotels it’ll be a worthwhile discount nonetheless. If you want to take your significant other on a really nice getaway, this can be a great option, but don’t expect to get much of it if you’re running into a really right budget.

What about you, my few readers? Have you found any other resources that have helped you organize your travel plans while saving your wallet from a pummeling? What locations do you prefer to travel to?


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