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Posts from ‘January, 2012’

Fitocracy, and Making Fitness Fun

All too often, we find fitness coinciding right along side finance in terms of importance. Health is wealth, so they say, and examples of this are all around you. Not taking care of your body physically often results in expensive and sometimes catastrophic consequences down the line, and so you’ll often read about Personal Finance […]

Dealing With Fear in Everyday Finance

I used to think people that were workaholics were just really crazy. I mean, who wants to work 12 hour days so they can have a nice BMW and a big house that they can’t really enjoy, right? Not me, to be sure, but there are plenty of reasons people work their tails off that […]

New Years Resolution Help: Make More Money

Of all the goals we set for the coming year, there are some that have become understandably cliche. Losing weight, for example, is something that a large number of people would like to do going into a new year (and something we’re historically terrible at). Making more money than the previous year, is also a […]

New Years Resolutions: Have Any?

best online casino software p>Like most rational people, I tend to view New Years Resolutions with a healthy dose of skepticism. At first, when the new year rolls on, we’re filled with a sense of euphoria. Suddenly it feels like the old year has been washed away, and the door opens to a whole new […]