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Using Groupon to Cut Social Outing Costs

In the world of Personal Finance, there are a few themes that the average person associates with keeping tracking of where your money goes and living below your means. One of those themes is sacrifice, the idea that you will want to buy X or do Y but you simply can’t because that would put you back into the red for the month. Still, no matter how closely you manage your money, you will still want to actually go out and have fun once in awhile. Much like even if you’re on a diet, you will still have the occasional ice cream cone or piece of cake.

The important thing to note is that it isn’t something to be ashamed of. Sure, that $30 you just spent at the bar could have been used to pad your emergency fund or help pay off an outstanding debt, but as long as you had fun and budgeted for the expense, there’s no reason you can’t go out and have a good time now and again. With the advent of online coupon services like Groupon, this can be made all the cheaper.

Groupon recently introduced their “Now!” deals, which are coupons to local eateries and activities that must be used within a day of their purchase. It plays well to the compulsive side of our nature, but it can also give you a nice meal out on the cheap. You can check out Groupon Now deals here. The site will load up places in your local area, and usually theĀ  meal will be half off or more. This means that you can sit down with your significant other for a decent meal at $10 or $20 without breaking the bank. I’ve tried this successfully once so far, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for interesting places that pop up in the future, as well.

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