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Health Insurance When You’re Self Employed

 Its a dream of many workers out there to one day be their own boss. Being able to set your own hours, work where and when you want to is a powerful driving force when it comes to self-employment. When running down the list of things you’ll need when you strike out your own, sufficient income usually tops the list. Right under that though, there’s the problem of health insurance.

If and when I decide to leave my day job and make a full-time income through a variety of different sources, I’ll still need to shell out for health insurance. One such option is to finally pull the trigger with my live-in girlfriend and get married, thereby making the benefits through her employer available to me. However this still means I’m dependent upon her having a full-time job with benefits as well.

There are other options available too. Some firms, such as Coventry Healthcare, sell plans specifically tailored to self employed individuals.  As always be sure to down your own due diligence and research.

Both candidates have plans to shore up the health care situation in the country, making it easier for those of us who do/want to work on our own terms to get access to health care. I’d keep an eye on it come Novemeber, no matter which way the election goes.

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