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How we Spend our Money

I was looking into how the average American spends their money, since I”d like to see where all of this credit and debt goes to, and I was somewhat surprised. A recent article at the NY times (here!) has broken it down into a rather colorful graphic.

For me, the 42% spent on housing just floors me. Now it should be noted that housing expenses includes a lot of items that we might not associate with our housing expenses (tools…hotel stays, etc.). However the fact remains that a very all slots casino large part of our income goes to pay for a roof over our head in one form or another.

This is the reason that I”ve been delving into alternative ideas, building methods, etc. when it comes to housing. If your living expenses are minimized by owning your house outright, having a smaller more efficient living space, and utilizing energy efficient options all boils down to less money you need to live on.

I love this stuff.

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