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Mobile Lifestyle: Keeping Your Stuff on the Move

If you’ve read some of more of my whimsical posts about how I’d like a more mobile lifestyle and enjoyed it, this may be up your alley as well. I’ve always considered an ideal work situation one where I have a good amount of flexibility. Since I’m not at a point yet where I don’t have to work, I’m trying to finagle my situation so that I can utilize my free time more effectively. I’d really like to travel and if I could work on the move, from anywhere, I think it would really break me out of the 9-5 doldrums. My Favorite blog that personifies this is LIP (Location Independent Professional). That couple really does live the dream, and while it’s not for everyone, they certainly seem to enjoy themselves.

Then I got to thinking, what about my stuff? I mean I don’t have so much stuff that I need declutterization like my friend JD at Get Rich Slowly, but at the same time I can’t go lugging my dresser around the world with me, now can I? No!

In my brief search I found a site that could help you in the future if you ever need to move or store all of your stuff. Moving Orbit is essentially a directory of companies that can aid you in the moving process. Things like getting your auto transportation, finding information on local moving trucks, or self storage are of concern to the average nomad, and they offer price quotes for you there as well. After all, you still want things to come back to, don’t you?

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