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Weighing Refinancing

NOTE: This is a sponsored post

If you’ve followed my notes on the benefits and drawbacks of refinancing your mortgage (especially a bad credit mortgage refinance), here’s another site for you to look to help and decide if it’s right for you. has a number of tools that could prove useful.

The site is broken up into various sections depending upon your loan type, current credit rating, and the region you live in (Broken up by State, such as Florida mortgage refinancing or California mortgage refinancing, as examples). I checked out the section for my own home state of Pennsylvania. The section listed some interesting facts about my State, here’s a small excerpt:

“Pennsylvania refinance is quickly becoming popular among its home owners. With a state of little more than 44,000 square miles it would be wise to lock into a great mortgage rate before others discover this homeowner’s paradise. There are 10 large cities in Pennsylvania with the largest population being over 1,100,000 alone residing in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania has a colonial feel and a spirited economy. Interest rates were extremely high for that area a few years ago but have since decreased to affordable and comfortable.”

Affordable AND comfortable eh? I’m sure that’s true of most States these days given the condition of the housing market, but I digress.

You can also find their calculator for amortization, money saving, and more, here.

As with any service, you’ll likely want to check out a company’s reputation before creating a relationship with them. If you’re curious, you can check out’s profile with the BBB.

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