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Millionaire at 11$ an Hour? Possible.

I’m always fascinated to hear stories of people who never made much money but still came out rich. Much of this is due to to the immediate cynicism people have at the prospect. If I even mention becoming a millionaire to someone who makes around the median income for the US, I am shot down by a number of negative complications? These include:

  • Kids
  • House
  • Car
  • Medical Expenses
  • Nothing left to save/invest now, much less later

Given that people seem downright opposed to the thought of someone of the lower-middle class getting to millionaire status, how did this guy do it?

You can see the video here.

This guy made sacrifices that not many people would make. He rarely watches TV, doesn’t have a cell phone, and doesn’t buy books. Personally I wonder what he does do with his time, but seeing as I don’t watch much TV either, I can definitely empathize. These stories help to reinforce the thinking though, that anyone can be a millionaire, if they are willing to make the sacrifices to get to it.

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