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Posts from ‘January, 2008’

Yet Another Reason to Dislike Mortgages

Here’s a nice little blurb I found about the origin of the word: “Mortgage” “The origin of the word “mortgage” is intriguing. It is a French word generally believed to be derived from two Latin words–”mort” (meaning death) and “gage” (meaning pledge or something of value that’s forfeited if the debt is not repaid). Although […]

Alternate Income Update: January!

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated everyone on how much money I’m bringing in on the side. My reasoning for this is typically just that there isn’t all that much new to report. Things have been steady for the past few months, and there’s likely something more interesting I could be writing about! That […]

The Best Things in Life are Free

Here on the personal finance blogosphere we tend to have a general disdain for the finer things in life. Things like burning your money heading out to the bar every weekend or heading to the movie theater or buying DVDs (ok I admit this one’s a bit silly, how often do you buy a movie […]

When Exactly Should You Buy a House?

   It”s frustrating sometimes when following things like the Real Estate Market. When the housing bubble was building up, we were told to stay away because prices were simply too high. Now that it”s dropping like a rock, we”re told to stay away because things are going to get much worse. Given the choice between […]

Youtube Finance: Budgeting

With my recent post talking about the importance of at least a flexible budget tracking your spending habits, I recently came across a video with some tips for setting up a budget with a spreadsheet. I’ll admit it’s a little dry, but it should help to give you an idea of what to look for […]