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Deriving Opportunity From Tough Times

 At first it may appear that I picked a bad time time to be laid off. Joblessness continues to increase, and it appears the U.S has cut about 62,000 jobs in June. This doesn”t show any signs of slowing either, and the trend continues as per below:

“The Conference Board”s Employment Trends Index fell in June. The index, which combines eight separate readings that track the job market, has now declined in 11 of the past 12 months.”

What to do? I do Casino Redin puolella tarjolla on tuttu ja turvallinen NetEnt-pelivalikoima, siis runsaasti A-luokan hedelmapeleja ja tavalliseen makuun istuva setti casinopeleja. have some interviews lined up, but I”ve also been increasing my freelance work on the side. With my site portfolio and freelance writing gigs, I”m en route to make about $15,000 annually. Obviously this isn”t enough to live comfortably on alone, so I may take up a full-time job again or work part time in Finance and cover the rest via freelance. It might be an interesting experiment, deriving a steady pay check and benefits working part time while still giving myself quite a bit of flexibility and let”s face it, fun, through writing and Adsense.

I”m definitely torn, given that the jobs I”m interviewing for promise a much higher salary over my old full time gig. In the mean time I”m strapping on my work boots and hitting the ground running. We”ll see where things take me.

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