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Want to be Productive? Create Your Own System

I tend to be in a constant game of tug of war when it comes to being productive. On one hand, productivity is one of those things that we should all utilize to accent our strengths and downplay our weaknesses. Using a system that works for us allows us to get more done in a […]

Do What you Love for a Living? Forget That!

I’ve read quite a bit about careers. I went through the “career center” at my school to try and find what it is I’d like to do for a living once I got out. Given my knack for computers they suggested programming, but I don’t have the inclination to stare at my monitor for 8 […]

My Computer Exploded, Time for Cheap but Powerful

Well, it appears that my computer is finally on it”s last legs. It”s been a great run, since I”ve had it for a number of years (the case has been with me since freshman year of college) but after some random crashes and popping open the case yet again, I think it is finally time […]

Save on Lunch Tips: Cook in Advance!

One of the biggest reasons that people buy lunch at the office is that they forget to/are too lazy to make up a lunch the night before. Personally I”ve melded it into my daily routine to pack up a lunch/snacks as soon as I get home every night and that way I always have my […]

Becoming a LIP

Personal Finance Bloggers like myself blog for an innumerable number of reasons. Some want to share their debt-eliminating experiences with readers, others want to show the world how they increase their net worth, or maybe they hope that their blogs will one day blossom into a full-time job. One unifying theme for most in the […]