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ING Sells me My Birthday

I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened my e-mail yesterday to find a note from my friends at ING. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” It said, with a note talking about a gift. A gift for me? Wow! I figured maybe they’d throw a dollar into my account or something. Heck, I was happy just for the […]

YouTube Finance: America’s Cheapest Family

I always like comparing my level of frugality to others, it just makes for a fun exercise. This isn’t to prove that I’m a better saver or the king of frugality, but rather it’s a learning experience that can help us better our own financial situation. There’s always something out there that you may not […]

Happy New Year! My Financial Progress Report

Hello Everyone! It appears the holidays have come and gone, and as such I hope to be a bit more reliable once again now that I’m back into my groove. I don’t know about you, but my year was fantastic, and I really do hope that this continues into the new year. As a way […]

Digging my way out!

Hello all! I’m not dead, but I am moving! It took up my entire day yesterday (for future reference, don’t ever move on a weekday, no one will be around to help!) and now I begin the slow..tedious process of unpacking my goodies and finding their proper place. As such I’ll be taking today off […]

What is Success?

Many PFbloggers like myself like to point out the potential flaws of “success” as typically defined by mainstream society. We are told that success involves having a big house, a BMW in the driveway, a house at the shore, 60 hour work weeks and debt up to our eyeballs. Materialism is something that runs rampant […]