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Moving Time

So, I’ve been quite busy with the upcoming move (going through on the 15th), and even a tad stressed about it. This in and of itself is surprising, since I keep my stress level at about nil most of the time. After all, what’s the point of going through life on edge and pulling your […]

Start at the Top.

Here. I always find it interesting to see how our culture and society relates to the behavior of our government. Everyone is trying to get the younger generation to save, spend less than you earn, prepare for retirement, but quite a few are not listening. Some (and I”m sure many who read the PF blogospheres) […]

Today’s Pledge: No New Debt

As I’ve graduated college, gotten out on my own, and brought my finances into good order, I’ve increasingly come to understand my contempt for debt. The thought of someone fleecing me of my hard earned money in exchange for a loan is not something that sits well with me. I’ve been lucky here in quite […]

Moving Time!

In my continuing efforts to cut my monthly living expenses down, as well as a desire for a change of scenery, we’re moving come November (No not to the place above)! Picking an apartment/house thus far has been a painstaking process. Trying to find a decently-priced inhabitance in a comfortable, safe neighborhood turned out to […]

I Have Readers! Somewhere…

So, its only been a few short weeks since I threw up the castle (yes I know, there’s a LOT that needs improving, but work with me here people!), and already I have a relatively consistent number of traffic. On average, I’m getting 30 unique visitors a day. Wow, you might think, that’s a tiny […]