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Absorbing Unexpected Expenses

I always like to think that I’m on top of things financially. I track what goes in and what goes out, and invest quite a large percentage of my income away. In terms of emergency expenses, there are a number of scenarios that I oftentimes run through my head when checking the balance on my […]

Buy or Rent? What About a Small House?

First, I apologize for the seeming glut of sponsored posts, I try to keep them to only once a week at most, but had to get this last one in this week. I’d really prefer not to dilute the blog too much with advertising. I know that’s not why you’re here. Anyway..on to the topic […]

Why It Doesn’t Pay To Buy Impulsively

With all the buzz and media coverage new technologies get these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. Things like the iphone have been plastered across every media outlet there is, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and grab the latest Apple gadget! Instead, there are some things you […]

Youtube Finance: Going Green To Save Green

I recently came across this clip from a recent CNN report analyzing the benefits of using environmentally friendly methods to save money. If you’ve been following the PF blogosphere it’s likely you’ve heard some (all?) of this before. It covers auditing your home for energy consumption as well as small tips such as switching up […]

How to Spend Less

Budgets are just one of those things where you mention it to people and you can watch them visibly cringe at the thought of tracking their money. It’s boring, they say, and time-consuming, and they can’t ever really stick to one, so why bother? Because it will help you save, that’s why. Now, I’m not […]