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Going to the Movies is More Fun When it’s Free

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I’ll be the first to admit that I just don’t go to the movies very often. This is a combination of being picky about what movies I want to see on the big screen in general, but also the fact that it would be like $15.00 just to get a movie ticket and popcorn! When looking for something entertaining to do that’s close by though, sometimes going to a movie does pop up, especially if it’s something I’m genuinely excited about seeing. I have no intention of paying for it, though! How do I get to go the movies for free? Here’s a method to my madness:

  • Mypoints: When a friend referred me to Mypoints well over a year ago, I was skeptical. I had visions of my e-mail inbox being flooded (more than it already is) with spam after signing up. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could earn points without buying anything and in relatively short order. While it won’t get you a free movie ticket every week, you can save up enough points for at least a few excursions a year. All you have to do is read the “bonus mails” they send out and you’ll be rewarded points. They also have surveys you can complete, but I found them cumbersome and long. Instead what I do is purposely disqualify myself from surveys, thus netting more points (you get some even if you don’t qualify). To date I’ve earned 2 free movie tickets to Regal Cinema and I have received them, too!
  • Credit Card Rewards: In order to entice users to buy things on their cards, a regular old credit card just doesn’t cut it. Many credit companies will reward you for using their services by letting you earn points or cash back that you can then use for stuff like tickets! Depending on the type of spender you are, be very careful with these programs. Make sure you pay your balance off every month and on time, or you’ll be negating any benefit derived from the rewards.

Movie ticket certificates are also good gifts to ask for. Some people may find it cliche, but I prefer people buy experiences for me rather than stuff. A trip to Dave and Buster’s or a dinner at Moshulu’s sounds way better than a mug that says “Frank’s Great!” or a golf ball billiards set.

Your Mileage May Vary.

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