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Build Your Finances Brick by Brick

As always I was perusing my favorite personal finance blog (and likely the most popular on the net, from where I’m sitting), and came across a great post about how building your financial portfolio properly is very similar to building a house. This echoed with me quite a bit because I’ve always said that a […]

The Power of Patience

Often times when we set a long-term goal, the waiting is the hardest part. Never mind the fact that most things in our society today are pushed and marketed as “fix-it-now” solutions. You are going to get old one way or the other, but you can fix wrinkles with this cream right now! Why wait? […]

Unavoidable Financial Drains

  If you ever talk to anyone about their current financial situation, there are often a number of things that come up as first on the list in terms of headaches and expenses. These are often necessities, things we simply can”t afford not to pay for because they are essential to our survival. Unfortunately this […]

Today is Windfall Day: My Plan

I’m sure everyone hates to hear about how money just shows up for people sometimes, considering that most people have the opposite problem (myself included!). That being said I can’t help but write about it, because even if you don’t have a rich uncle or secret fortune lying around somewhere, you will still come across […]

Money Project Update: Survey Income Reaches 50$!

purchase adobe dreamweaver cs5 cheap p align=”center”>  Great news! I recently requested my checks from Surveyspot and Your2cents and the total was $58.00. Not exactly a gold mine, but some of the easiest money I’ve earned to date. Technically I suppose this is October income considering it takes 4-6 weeks for Surveyspot to credit your […]